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MusicID FAQs

1. What information will I have access to through MusicID?

MusicID aggregates data from 5,452 different charts spanning 74 countries and provides access to the latest ranking information on iTunes downloads, Spotify and Apple Music streams, and Shazam searches, as well as contemporary and historical data from Billboard, GfK, and much more.

2. How often is the MusicID database updated?

MusicID is updated weekly to bring you up-to-date ranking data on iTunes downloads, Spotify and Apple Music streams, and Shazam searches, as well as current chart rankings across the globe. The data is provided since inception of each chart, which in the US and UK date back to the 1950s.

3. What historical charts will I have access to through MusicID?
  • MusicID provides you with authoritative data from the most trusted sources. Historical charts include:
  • UK Top 200 Singles (since 1953)
  • UK Top 200 Albums (since 1960)
  • Billboard Hot 100 (since 1959)
  • Billboard R&B Singles Chart (since 1959)
  • Billboard Country Singles Chart (since 1959)
  • Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart (since 1964)
  • Austrian Singles Chart (since 1966)
  • Austrian Albums Chart (since 1973)
  • Swiss Singles Chart (since 1968)
  • Swiss Albums Chart (since 1974)
  • German Singles Chart (since 1978)
  • German Album Chart (since 1979)
  • Tokio Hot 100 (since 1989)
  • Swedish Singles Chart (since 1988)
  • Swedish Albums Chart (since 1988)
  • Top Canadian Albums (since 1997)

And many more!

The data from streaming services is generally available dating back to 2016 and is updated weekly. This includes both daily and weekly charts.

4. Does MusicID provide actual sales data?

All the data we provide is derived from sales. The data is arranged in Sales Rankings, from the 1950s for the UK and US and more recently from inception in other countries. Some of our rankings for digital download sales data is from as early as 2004 when those sales began to be authenticated by the recording industry around the world.

5. Can different artists be compared in different countries without limitations?

Yes, by clicking the + icon alongside each recording in any search result, it can be added to a Custom Graph. The MusicID software makes it simple to view the results on a new graph, with the exact recordings the user has chosen, whatever artist or country. This results in a visualisation of the sales of the selected recordings in a vibrant graph which tells the story of the relative success.

6. Am I able to export my work ?

Yes. Through MusicID’s built-in visualization tools, you can customize your own graphs and data sets, which you can then export as a Microsoft Excel file. Through our new “Research Folders” function, you will also be able to save your searches to your account to either return to later or revist as our data is updated.

Subscription FAQs

1. What types of subscription options does MusicID Offer?

Libraries can either subscribe on an annual basis or can purchase perpetual access. For questions about our different plans and pricing options, please contact a MusicID representative.

2. Can a subscription convert to a perpetual license?

If the library decides to purchase MusicID after being a subscriber the subscription monies for up to three years can be applied towards the purchase. After the purchase is completed, the data added each subsequent year can be purchased at an advantageous rate.

3. Will a license agreement be required for this product?

Yes, the license agreement is applicable for a subscription or a perpetual license. MusicID does not have a confidentiality clause. A quicker and simpler way to deal with the licensing side of things is to simply use the SERU guidelines.

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