MusicID is pleased to announce that Dr Steven Gamble is the recipient of the 2021 MusicID Digital Research Fellowship. Dr Gamble, the Marie Curie Research Fellow at University College Cork, Ireland’s Department of Music, captured the attention of the jury with his research proposal titled, “All the Way Up: A Chronological Study of Hip Hop’s Global Emergence as the Leading Popular Music Genre in the Streaming Era.”

Roger Press, MusicID’s Founder and CEO, said, “The Committee thought Dr Gamble’s submission was targeted, interesting, showed a clear methodology, and would make the best use of the MusicID platform. We also appreciated that Dr Gamble is committed to creating a public-facing version of his work. The contribution to our public outreach will be enormously beneficial to our mission of helping scholars, students, and industry professionals better understand and utilise data.”

As the prize winner, Dr Gamble will receive a $1,000 award and a year of complimentary access to the MusicID platform. He joins our previous Fellowship recipients:,

The University of Indianapolis’ Dr Eduard Arriaga (2000 – “Reggaeton without Blackness: Tracking Afro-Latinx Roots in Latinx Contemporary Music”),

Indiana University – Bloomington’s PhD candidate Allie Martin (2019 – “Ring the Alarm: Tracking Chart Performance During Black Lives Matter, 2014-2019”), and

Skidmore College’s Dr Thomas Johnson (2018 – “Identity, Genre, and Chart Success”)

We would like to congratulate our Honourable Mention scholar, Carljohnson G. Anacin, PhD Candidate at the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science Griffith University-Gold Coast Campus in Australia, for his fascinating proposal, “Independently Released Filipino Music in the Pre- and Post-Pandemic Music Streaming Charts.” MusicID grants Anacin with a year of complimentary access to the MusicID platform with which to continue with their research.

MusicID is an academic platform that compiles current and historical music industry data in a single, easy-to-use source. MusicID Data gives researchers direct access to more than half a billion lines of data featuring 5,452 different music charts spanning 74 countries, including albums, singles, and specialist genre charts, as well as streaming information from Spotify, Apple Music and Shazam. MusicID Revenue tracks the worldwide top earning recordings of the 21st century. Discover the most successful artists, singles, and albums of the last twenty years–all at the touch of a button. MusicID Impact provides a birds-eye view of popular music history, allowing you to discover the top artists, songs, and albums since 1900. MusicID’s bespoke, built-in visualisation tools allow researchers to create and export customisable tables and graphs, including sales patterns.

Awarded competitively to scholars at any phase of their careers, the MusicID Digital Research Fellowship is designed to support popular music research and data storytelling that utilizes data to reveal new insights or reinforce prior understandings.

Applications for the 2022 MusicID Digital Research Fellowship will open in spring 2022.